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Introducing our exceptional product, which encompasses a range of key highlights that make it truly outstanding. Focusing on delivering unmatched quality and customer satisfaction, we have created products that showcase their natural wood texture while prioritizing sustainability in every aspect of their creation. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the product itself, as we offer comprehensive engineering services to support our customers throughout their project journey. Additionally, our product features innovative alu-clad technology, combining the strength of aluminum with the timeless charm of the wood. Rest assured, our product has undergone thorough testing to ensure its reliability and performance. Explore the possibilities and experience our product's excellence in your space.


We use ADLER processing according to the latest technology, which allows painting with one layer of paint, preserving the texture of the wood, and making it visually more exclusive.

spray painting window


All wood material used in production is 100% FSC certified. FSC certification certifies that wood from responsibly managed forests is used in production and that this material is traceable in all production and sales processes.

pine forest


ARKA lux windows and doors underwent weather tightness and U-value testing at the Kaunas Science and Technology Laboratory. The results were excellent, and we are proud to have received recognition from the laboratory for the quality of our constructions! These tests were conducted on a 1230x1480mm openable window.

window testing


ARKA lux goes the extra mile by providing engineering services that are already included in the project price. We take responsibility for preparing all the necessary technical drawings and conducting accurate calculations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our customers.

Engineering services


Our aluminum comes from Austria, with factory paint which already has a salty environment treatment as standard. Can be easily painted in any standard RAL color of your choice.

Aluminum, ALU-CLAD

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